Musa: Ego at Peace

Tonight we learned about the nafs of peace that believers strive for.  This is an ego that has submitted to the will of the creator.  

My son said that he wants his nafs to be at peace.  He said he would thank his nafs of peace for not making him bad.  

I told my son he is not bad but that we all have to fight our bad egos.  He wanted to know if that would hurt and I said that it is like when he wants a cookie.  Sometimes you need to tell your ego no.  

Image: for this story I chose a figure in prostration or submition that is similar to an image I found from an Egyptian tomb.

My son is very excited to have finished this project and he is looking forward to our Ramadan project: The Pool of Paradise.  We hope you will join us and follw the project with us this Ramadan and send us pictures of your work.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the Prophets.

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