46. Illuminated Quran: Sand Dunes

This surah mentions the sand tracks meaning an irrigation system of the people of Hood (a).  The people there were warned by Hood (a) and did not heed him.  The ecological disaster that followed is an example to us of what happens when we do not heed the Prophets who among other things also brought rules for the management of natural resources and when natural resources are not managed properly there  is environmental disaster.  While this story may be entirely a moral criticism of the people of Ad – the proper management of natural resources as well as moral decay are important issues in our world and in many instances are connected.

This surah also mentioned the cloud that brought destruction to the people of Ad.

Discussion question:  What happens to people who oppress others?  What happens when people do not care for the land they live in properly?  Are drought and famine a problem in the world today?  Are there people without clean and safe water?  What happens to people and land without water?

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Tafseer of Quran.

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