Names of Allah Tree

This is a project from one of our contributors for teaching children about the names of Allah (s).

This could be used to make a tree or put on the wall as decoration.  You could also attach each flower to a piece of string and hang them as well. 

1. The children could color the names.

2. Cut the flowers out and place tape on the backs. 

3. Stick the names one by one onto the tree, with Allah (s) at the top. 

4. As you put up each name you can explain what it means.  The idea is to show “who” Allah (s) is, that he loves us the most, that he wants to send you blessings…. and so on. 

Here are the medallions that can be printed to add to the tree or whatever format you choose: 

Please share your ideas for teaching children about nature of Allah (s).  

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