Musa: The People of the Book   

Tonight we learned all about the Tawrah and the integration of this holy book into the Christian Bible and the ways in which all these books relate to the Holy Quran.  

My son thought it would be cool if a book was sent to him.  The books were sent to prophets to guide their people but the people have difficulty to follow what is in the book.  

I think what my son was trying to say is that when a book is sent to you you feel like Allah (s) is addressing you particularly and what is new seems novel.  This made me think that if we all consider our holy books to be addressed  just to us individually – in our own way there is something special for each of us to learn. In this way all the people of the book share something important – a book was sent to us and we need to try to understand something from it.  

Image: there was some discussion in this chapter of who wrote the Tawrah exactly so I used an image on an angelic scribe in Egyptian style.  This is not meant to be accurate as it was not clear who exactly wrote or carved the script onto the tablets.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the Prophets.

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