Musa: Hidden Idolatry 

Tonight we learned about the hidden idolatry in the hearts of the believers among the followers of Musa (a).  

The penalty of the people who worshiped the golden calf was death but those people were taken to paradise for accepting the judgement of God.

My son wanted to know why the believers secretly loved things other than God more in their hearts and I told him that people are weak and get easily distracted so we have to hope there is mercy for our mistakes.  Even though we do not have idols that are statues exactly in our time there are many many things to distract us from God.  We talked about all the treats and toys and tv shows and devices we use all day long that we love so much and are distracting.  

Image:  this is supposed to be the golden calf on top of a chest with generic heiroglyphics.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the Prophets. 

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