Musa: Believers

Tonight we reviewed the story of the people who did believe among the Banu Israil  and the Egytptians.

My son was very interested in the slaves among the Banu Israil and how they were treated.  

I asked my son why he thought the people who had the hardest life were the believers.  He thought that maybe it was because they did not like this life in dunya.  I agreed with him and said that sometimes when my son struggles to have good behaviour he also feels like he does not like this life because it seems to be so challenging to be well behaved.  

I agreed that it is difficult in this life to live up to all the expectations put on us and for the slaves of Egypt it sounds like it was impossible to keep Pharaoh happy.  

Image: this is an Egyptian figure in a posture of lamenting or grieving to represent the suffering of the believers in Egypt.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the prophets.  

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