Gardens of Islam: Ryad

One of the places that you will find traditional gardens in the Mulims world is in the courtyard of a home or other building with and open space in the center called a Ryad.  

While we are preparing for this coming Isra wal Miraj holiday it is nice to visit the gardens that are designed to emulate the gardens of paradise.  In this way our study of the Sira and the play we are preparing to celebrate this are complemented by our field trips to beautiful examples of Islamic culture. 


These gardens usually have the waterways representing the rivers of paradise.  

This garden had a second courtyard for shady contemplation.


These smaller courtyards will sometimes have their own fountains.

While these gardens do not have grassy open spaces they do have large tiled spaces for walking or running…    

This garden also has a trellis arch.


Most of the plants in this garden are ornamental but hopefully we will find some gardens with fruit trees and medicinal plants soon.


Please share your ideas for teaching children about nature and Islam.  

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