Musa: The Court

Tonight we reviewed the story of Musa’s (a) reception at the court of the Pharaoh.  Musa (a) admonished the Pharaoh to remember the one God of his ancestors and to return to a merciful a just leadership role as Pharaoh of Egypt.  

My son wanted to know why the Pharaoh was not nice to his people.  We explained to my son that Pharaoh was listening to Shaitan and he did not understand the suffering he caused his people because he himself had not suffered like they had. My son wanted to know why he didn’t curse Shaitan and send him away.  I reminded my son that he often forgets to send Shaitan away when he is acting up.  

My son asked why the Pharaoh thought he was God.  We explained that Pharaoh was so powerful on earth that he thought that must mean he was a God.  

The Pharaoh did not like to be corrected by his adopted so and so did not listen to Musa (a).  


The Pharaoh sat like a statue, removed from his people and his own humanity.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the Prophets.   

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