Gardens of Islam:  Urban Oasis

This garden is a modern and urban oasis in a Muslim country.  Muslim countries, like all other countries in the world today, are becoming more and more populous in the urban centres.  Traditional architecture of earth and stone is being rapidly replaced with concrete and rebar.  

Traditional Muslim houses have courtyards and gardens but this is not possible in the new urban environment.  In this series we are going to see a number of answers to the question:  how can you have a garden with limited space? 

This garden is located in a large development of new apartment blocks and it is unique in that this green space was reserved to serve the community and surrounding buildings.

Special areas of the park were designed and equipped for children to play safely outdoors.

The walking paths are wide and often busy with people trying to improve their health and activity. 

The more traditional aspect of this garden are the plants:

The artificial pond is not a traditional fountain and does not lead into waterways but it may later be a fountain because I can see they have installed some hardware for that.

The most interesting thing about this garden is this tree:

I have no idea what it is but the color is beautiful and it appears that climbing it would be dangerous.  

There is very little shade at this park for now but as the trees mature this may change.  

While traditional elements of the Islamic style garden may be stripped away the play spaces for children and the well traveled walking paths make this a more active than contemplative space.  

We hope to review more examples of traditional gardens and natural sciences soon for this series.  

Please share your ideas for helping children learn about Islam and nature.  


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