Lalla Aicha 

There are three lady Waliat in the maqam complex at Sidi Silmane Moul Al Kifane (q) in the countryside near Meknes Morocco.

The complex is beautiful and well maintained.  There appeared to be cambers in the complex that were being rented by the people who come to visit the maqam, like a retreat.  This is the first time I have seen a maqam with accommodations here in Morocco.   
The maqam of this lady is located immediately to the right of Sidi Silmane (q) and there were many ladies at this site brining candles and sweets.  


The chamber itself is a cave.


When we interviewed the ladies here they told us that they ask Lalla Aicha’s (q) intercession for health and healing from sickness.  Some ladies bring perfume and rose petals if they want Lalla Aicha’s (q) blessing to find a husband.  

We were told that the candles bring light.  

We were also told that people come here to be healed from sicknesses due to Jinn.  Apparently the good jinn visit this maqam on Thursday nights so people come so that their jinn problems will be alieviated.  

We were not able to find any specific information about her story at this time but we were pleased to learn about the specialty of this lady Saint and meet some of the ladies who come here to ask her intercession.  

Please share your experiences when you visit the Maqams of the Waliat and share them with us.

We ask Lalla Aicha’s (q) blessing on our project and we ask that our understanding of her contributions her story are further revealed to us at another time.  

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