Musa: Adrift on the Nile

Tonight we reviewed the part of Musa’s (a) story where his mother put him into the Nile in a wooden box.  She did this after Egyptian soldiers came to her house to find the baby.  His sister Miriam put him into to the hot oven to hide him.  My sons were very curious about why anyone would put a baby in an oven because of course this would be very dangerous.  They wanted to know how Musa (a) was protected from the fire.  I told them that Allah (s) protected the baby.

After this incident Yohabith (r) had a carpenter make the box and she put the baby into the Nile.  My sons had many questions about this event so I played them a film about the life of Prophet Musa (a) so they could see more clearly what I was talking about.  

We watched the scene where Yahabith (r) puts the baby in the water and I cried.  My sons wanted to know why and I told them I did not think I could ever put my babies in a river and my sons hugged me. 

Tonight’s story was very nice for all of us and I was so pleased that my 3 year old listened and had so many questions.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the Prophets.  

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