28. Illuminated Quran:  The Narrative 

This surah reviews the story of Prophet Musa (a).  If you would like to read his story to your children there  a chapter concerning him in My Little Lore of Light.

The narrative in this surah mentions that the Pharaoh orders the death of the baby boys among the believers.  To protect her baby Musa’s (a) mother put him into the river and after he was restored to her.

Discussion question:  why did Musa’s (a) mother trust Allah (s) when she put her baby in the Nile?

After Musa (a) is grown he travels to Madyan.  He later encounters a burning bush and travels to Mount Tur.

Discussion question:  what are the things that Musa (a) learned on his travels?

Image:  this image is supposed to represent the baby Musa (a) and his mother Yohabith (r).

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Tafseer of Quran.

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