27. Illuminated Quran: The Ant

This surah discusses the story of Sulayman (a).  If you would like to read his story to your children there is a chapter  concerning him in My Little Lore of Light.

This surah mentions that Sulayman (a) knew the language of birds and the speech of ants.

Discussion question: what special relationship do other Prophets and Awliya have with animals?

This surah mentions that the Hoopoe bird brought news of the Queen of Sheba (Belquis) to Sulayman (a).  The Queen and her people were sun worshippers.  When she visited Sulayman (a) the Ifrit brought her throne and she found the palace paved with glass and thought it was water and became a believer.

Discussion question:  why do some people believe without miracles?  Why do some people believe after miracles? Why do some people not accept Allah (s) with or without miracles?

Image:  for this surah I chose an ant that Sulayman (a) spoke to and the sun for the sun worshippers mentioned in the surrah.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Tafseer of Quran.

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