Silsila: 18. Alauddin al-Attar (q)

Tonight we learned about the eighteenth figure on the Silsila: Alauddin al-Attar (q).

In this story Shah Naqshband (q) married his student Alauddin (q) to his daughter. After this Shah Nashband (q) sent Alauddin (q) to sell apples in the market.  

I asked my son if he would sell apples in the market if his shaykh asked him. My son said he would if Allah (s) said so. I asked how he would know Allah (s) said so and my son says he would know because he would hear it in his heart. The concept of certainty is more complex than this and of course we can mislead ourselves if left to our own will but I think it is interesting to at least introduce the concept of certainty in young children as their connsciousness and will develop.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Awliya.