Musa: The Rooster

Tonight we learned about the white rooster of the throne that announces each prayer in heaven.  The roosters on earth who follow this white rooster stopped crowing after Yusef (a) passed away.  My son wanted to know why the roosters stopped crowing and I told him that I thought it had something to do with the believers in Egypt going astray.

We also leaned that Yusef (a) was thought to be buried in a marble sarchophagus and put into the Nile bed.  My son wanted to know why he was put in the marble sarchophagus.  I explained a little bit about the importance of burial in Egytian history and that it might have something to do with that.  Children often have the ability to articulate questions that we do not know the answers to.  In these instances I either pose possible answers or ask him to make his own guess based on what we do know.  For me the most important thing is for children to learn how to reason and think carefully and to do that they need practice.  These stories provide many opportunities to do so.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the lives of the prophets.

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