24. Illuminated Quran: The Light

In this surah it says that every animal is created from water and that they crawl on their bellies or walk with two legs or four.

Discussion question:  why is water important for living things?  Can you think of an animal that crawls? One that walks on 2 legs? One that walks on 4 legs?

There is a point of adab regarding children in this surah worth discussing with children.  The children must knock or ask permission before entering on three occasions: before Fajr, at the noon prayer and after Isha prayer.  It says that this has to do with children who have come of age or children that have reached puberty.

Discussion question:  what does privacy mean?  Why do we knock before opening a door?

Image:  I used this door design to illustrate the recommendations that children knock before entering a room at certain times to respect the privacy of their parents.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Tafseer of Quran.

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