Musa: The Two Prophets

The first chapter of The Story of Moses concerns the importance of this story and some comparisons between Prophet Musa (a) and the Prophet Muhammad (s).

We learned that the books sent to the prophets are like a map and the prophets and saints are our guides for the map.  We finished our Silsila project yesterday concerning the saints and the location of each Maqam on a large world map.  We feel that it is an excellent transition to begin this project to learn more about this way and the guides sent by Allah (s).

We learned that there are many similarities between Musa (a) and Muhammad (s).  Both were given books, both were given laws, both were oppressed by the people they were sent to guide and both were given the very difficult task of leaving their home to make a new life for themselves and their followers. 

For this project I have decided to show my son some films about the life of Prophet Musa (a) so that he can have a sense of the overall story.  

Image: this image is meant to suggest the tree of prophets to emphasize the relationship between Musa (a) and the other prophets sent to earth.  

Please share you ideas for teaching children about the lives of the prophets.  

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