Musa: Project Concept 

This project was conceived to follow the book for children called The Story of Moses (a) by Karima Sperling:

We plan to read one chapter each day and then ask the children to add one episode to the arcade of papyrus columns with double facing tape.  The goal of this project is to give a snap shot of the life of Prophet Musa (a) in a format that young children who do not yet read (or who cannot yet read the story of Musa (a) for themselves) can experience.  

You are welcome to follow along with us in this project by printing the episodes for your children or by making your own versions for each chapter.  If you do so please send them to us as we would love to share your ideas with others.  

The canvas is a composite Egyptian temple loosely based on the tomb of Hatshepsut.  The episodes are taken from Egyptian art wherever possible.  My intention with this is to emphasize that most of the people in this story were from Egypt and were culturally Egyptian in many ways.  

The Artwork: for this project we sketched the arcade spaces for each episode on a primed canvas and then painted the structure with tempra mixed with watercolour pigments.

We then sketched the episodes with watercolour pencils on watercolour paper and then painted them with watercolour paint.   

We have used ancient Egyptian art as a reference wherever possible to emphasize the setting of the story.

We hope you will share your ideas for teaching children about the life of Prophet Musa (a).

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