Silsila: 36. Abu Ahmad as-Sughuri (q)

Tonight we reviewed the story of the thirty-sixth figure on the Silsila: Abu Ahmad as-Sughuri (q).

We learned that Shaykh Abu Ahmad (q) was often arrested by the Russian invaders of the Caucasus but that he would use his imprisonment to pray and be with his Lord.  My son thought that it was a good idea to use his time in prison in a useful way.

We learned that once when the shaykh was arrested the carriage would not leave because the horses were under the orders of the shaykh.  When the shaykh gave permission the horses moved to carry the shaykh and his student away.  My son thought it was cool that the horses listened to the shaykh and not the driver of the carriage.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Awliya.

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