15. Illuminated Quran: The Rock

This surah mentions that Adam (a) was created with clay and Iblis refused bow to Allah’s (s) creation.

Discussion question:  how was Adam (a) created?  Why did Iblis refuse to bow to Adam (a)?

This surah concerns the destruction of the Hijri people known as the ancient Nabateans today who constructed the buildings carved from rock in Petra, a famous archaeological site in Jordan.  The reason given for their destruction was that they rejected the signs of Allah (s).  I am planing to play a short You Tube video concerning Petra and the Nabateans for this lesson and then to talk about the surrah and the video.

Discussion question:  who were the Nabateans?  Why did their civilization fall?

Image:  I selected a high contrast photo of the Petra site and traced the facade for this image.

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Tafseer of Quran.

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