14. Illuminated Quran: Ibrahim 

This surah concerns Prophet Ibrahim (a).  If you would like to read his story to your children there is a chapter about him in My Little Lore of Light by Hajjah Amina Adil.

This surah says that the mightiest lead mankind out of darkness to the light.

Discussion question:  what does it mean to be mighty? When the prophets lead us from darkness to light what does that mean?  What darkness did prophet Ibrahim ask us to leave behind?

In this surah Ibrahim (a) prays that he and his sons are preserved from worshipping idols in Mecca (the valley without cultivation).

Discussion question: who built the first Kaaba?  Who built the second Kaaba?  Why does Ibrahim (a) pray to be free from idol worship?

Image:  For this surah I chose a Persian miniature that illustrated the Kaaba and the Prophet Muhammad (s), although in this context the figure could be either Prophet Muhammad (s) or Prophet Ibrahim (a).

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