Silsila: 29. Shamsuddin Habib Allah (q)

Tonight we reviewed the story of the twenty-ninth figure on the Silsila: Shamsuddin Habib Allah Jan-i-Janan al-Mazhar (q).

We learned the Shaykh Shamsuddin (q) became so close to his Shaykh Nur Muhammad (q) that he saw his shaykh when when he looked at his own reflection in the mirror.  I told my son that we call this fannah and I asked him what he would think if he saw his shaykh when he looked in the mirror.  My son said that he would think that his shaykh was in the mirror and would come out of the mirror and into the house.

We learned that Shaykh Shamsuddin (q) made dua to move a storm that was frightening his followers on a journey.  I asked my son what he would think if his shaykh moved a storm away from him.  He said it would be good because then a rainbow would come.  I told him that would be beautiful.

We learned that Shaykh Shamsuddin (q) was attacked by a man and died of his wounds.  My son was very concerned about why the man harmed Sahykh Shamsuddin (q).  I told him I did not know because the book did not say but that I could try to look it up for him later.  I thought to tell him that there isn’t really a good reason to hurt another person this way but even with children they do want to know why tragedy occurs in life.  Cause and effect is a very important aspect of consciousness and scientific observation and even when I don’t know all the answers sometimes I think that the important thing is that children ask.  The passive acceptance of any information does not stimulate critical thought.  So I asked my so why he thought the man hurt the shaykh.  He said that he thinks that the man was listening to Shaitan and Shaitan told them that the shaykh took something that belonged him.  In the adult version of the story in Classical Islam and the Naqshbandi Sufi Way by Shaykh Muhammad Hicham Kabbani there is no reason given for why the man attacked the Shaykh other than that Shaykh Shamsuddin (q) had asked to return to his lord.  It was somewhat difficult to explain why someone would want to die so I asked my son what happens after we die.  He said we go to Jenna.  I asked him if this was maybe why they shaykh wanted to leave this earth.  He said yes that was probably why.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Awliya.

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