Silsila: 24. Muhammad al-Baqi Billah (q)

Tonight we reviewed the story of the twenty-fourth figure on the Silsila: Muhammad al-Baqi Billah (q).

We learned that Shaykh Muhammad (q) was born in Afghanistan and then traveled to India before finally travelling to find his Shaykh Muhammad al-Amkanaki (q) in Bukhara.  He was ordered by his Shaykh to return to India to guide people. 

I asked my son if he would travel all the way to India if his Shaykh asked him to.  He said yes but he wasn’t sure what there is to do there.  He also said that he would take an airplane because it would be faster.  

Shaykh Muhammad (q) was the first shaykh to bring tariqa to India but he was not the last.  We look forward to learning more about that in the next chapter.  It occurs to me that another project that would be useful with the Silsila project would be an historical and geographical review of the areas mentioned in this series to give the children more of a context for these stories.  If we repeat this project and create a young adult version with more artistic and photographic context I think that would be an excellent way to refresh the information in a year or two.  

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Awliya.  

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