Silsila: 19. Ya’qub al-Charkhi (q)

Last night we reviewed the story of the nineteenth figure on the Slisila: Ya’qub al-Charkhi (q).

We learned that Ya’qub (q) was not imeadiately accepted as a student of Shah Naqshband (q).  When he was latter given bayat he saw all the Shaykhs of the Silsila present taking his hand.  I asked my son if he had seen these Shaykhs when he received bayat.  My son said he couldn’t remember.  I told him that the next time he renews his bayat he should look.

We learned that Ya’qub (q) would sometimes pull on his beard and when he was in a spiritual vision the hairs would come out. 


Please share your ideas for teaching children about the Awliya.

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