Lalla Stihanou

The information about Lalla Stihanou (q) has been submitted by Safae Lahjouji El Idrrissi MA in cultural studies and contrubutor to Sirajunmunira.  Safae is pursuing original research about lady saints and assisting us with our project as well as gathering data for her thesis.  We are grateful to her for her time and expertise and we hope that she continues to consult and contribute to Sirajunmunira.  

Lalla Stihanou is one of the famous Lady Awliah of Meknes. Her Maqam is close to the Zawiah of Sheikh Ibn el Habib in the heart of Meknes Medina. Her Makam is opened every Friday.


This great woman used to preform wudu or ablution and pray el Fajr prayer in Mecca. (She was miraculously transported to Mecca from Meknes to perform the prayer.) One day when she was praying Sheikh Kamel saw her praying and tapping in her feet while doing sujud. After she finished her prayer he asked her why are you doing like that? She told him that her baby is crying, he is in Morocco (she was praying in Mecca but rocking the baby with her foot in Meknes) and that she came there everyday for el Fajr prayer so she was trying to calm him down. She told Sheikh Kamel that her husband is the guardian of the Bouanaya School in Meknes.

After that the sheikh came to Morocco and found her husband there and he asked him about his wife. Her husband allowed him to spend the night in the Bouanaya School.  That night a student was killed and they all suspected Sheikh Kamel since he was the only stranger there in the school. Sheikh Kamel went to see the dead person and he asked him who killed you then the dead person woke and gave them the name of the killer.

This story was related by:

El Hajj El Haadiri Abde El Wahabe

Please share your experiences, stories, and photos from the Maqams of the lady saints; we would love to post them here at Sirajunmunira.  

We ask Lalla Stihanou’s (q) blessing on our project.  

One thought on “Lalla Stihanou”

  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful posts and pictures. It helps us to feel connected to these great saints and feel the blessings of their maqams. Thank you so much. Bless the contributors.


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