6. Illuminated Quran: The Cattle 

The sixth surah of the Quran is called The Cattle.  There are 5 points in this chapter that are intersting to share with children.

In this chapter there is the story of Prophet Ibrahim (a) and how he sought to understand what Allah (s) is; first thinking Allah (s) is a star then the moon, then the sun, and then understood that Allah (s) is more than anything we can see.


Discussion Question:  Why did Prophet Ibrahim (a) think the star, moon and sun were Allah (s) before he understood more?

In this surah we learn that Allah (s) holds the keys to the unseen.

Discussion Question:  what is the unseen?

We also learn that Allah (s) causes the seeds to sprout.

Discussion Question:  do you know how to plant seeds so that they open and grow?  What do you need to grow a plant from a seed?

We are admonished in this chapter to worship only Allah (s).

Discussion Question:  why do we only worship Allah (s) and nothing other than Allah (s)?

Illustration:  For this chapter I chose to illustrate the story of Prophet Ibrahim (a) where he thought that Allah (s) was something he could see like the star, moon and sun before he understood more.

Please share your ideas for teaching the Tafseer of Quran to children.

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