5. Illuminated Quran: The Food

The fifth surah of the Quran contains some information about food and food laws, a description of wudu/ablution, and two miracles.
In this surah the rules for permitted and forbidden food are established.
Discussion Question: what foods do we eat and what foods do we not eat as Muslims? Have we ever heard another story where there was a forbidden food?
There is a description of the ritual ablution that we perform before prayer.
Discussion Question: what is wudu? Why do we make wudu before we pray?
In this chapter we learn about the miracle where Prophet Isa (a) made a bird out of clay and brought it to life by blowing on it which is the origin of the bat.
Discussion Question: where do bats come from?

In this chapter the miracle of the table is described where the people asked Prophet Isa (a) for a miracle and Allah (s) sent the table down with food.
Discussion Question: when Prophet Isa (a) asked Allah (s) to bring down the table as a miracle what happened? What would you think if a table came down with endless food?

Please share your ideas for teaching children about the tafseer of Quran.


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