Holiday Candles 

This fantastic project is from one of our contributors and is ideal for families with small children.  

She stated with flameless candles:


I love this idea because if the children pick up the candle they will not be injured by hot wax.

She added a band of ribbon and other embellishments. 

She added a sandal of the Prophet(s)  pin to the ribbon.   


 And they are ready to light a party or just  give a nice holiday atmosphere to the home.  


I want to thank our contributor for this lovely project and encourage all of you to contribute as well.  We all need good ideas!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Candles ”

    1. When children are present real candles require close supervision so I am enthusiastic about this option for holiday decorating. However, we also need to remember that batteries, especially button batteries, can also be dangerous if swallowed so it is important to make sure the battery covers are secured.

      Thank you so much for your interest in this holiday craft and we look forward to posting your ideas on Sirajunmunira soon!

      Mawlid Mubarak!


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