Masjid Cake

This year for Mawlid we wanted to have a masjid cake.  We asked for a few quotes from local bakeries and discovered that is was going to be between $400 and $1,000 for them to make this cake for our community.  With all the other preparations we had planned this was not in the budget.  Many of the children in our community were disappointed because they we’re excited about the cake and the photos we had shown them.  

So I decided to try and make a masjid from molding dough and paint as a decorative item and then to serve a white sheet cake instead.  I really had no idea if it could be done.

I ordered 6lbs of molding dough and some green and gold tempra paint.  

I built an armature from cardboard and masking tape cut with a scissor and an exacto knife.  I used two layers of cardboard taped together to support the masjid structure and weight of the molding dough.  I made a small rectangular box backed by a cube structure and then taped a tennis ball on top to form the dome.

We formed sheets of molding dough with a rolling pin and then laid the dough over the armature.  

We had some short assistants.  

Once the sheets were on the main structure we added arches and doors.  

Then we added the green and gold tempra paint:

We were surprised with how well the project turned out.  I would have preferred if the molding dough had been a bit smoother but in the end we decided that it made our little mosque look like an old Adobe structure.  

After we were finished we placed a large plastic bag over the structure and placed it in the refrigerator so that the molding dough would not crack too much before the cake was displayed at the mosque celebration. 

Please share your ideas and techniques with us so that we can learn from you.

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