Mawlid Morning

For Mawlid this year I wanted to create a gift giving ritual like the ones I enjoyed as a child.  

We gave each child a pair of angel wings and asked them to pass out the gifts just as the real angels bring the favour of Allah (s) down to earth.

This year we made an extra effort to wrap all the gifts nicely which gives the gift display a more finished look and is far more impressive to the children.

Many of our gifts this year are books about spirituality and Islamic history for children and we hope to use these books for several educational projects in the coming year.  You will see more posts about them inshallah.  


We also selected some toys to encourage creative play and collaboration.

This year we found cupcake decorations to celebrate the year of the elephant. 

Mawlid Muarak to you and your family and please send us examples of your family traditions so that we can learn from you!  

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