Lalla Chafia 

The following is from one of our contributors.  Please submit any photos or information you find for the graves of lady saints to our website so we can share them with other ladies.  Thank you.

Lalla Chafia was a healing Saint.  Thousands pray at her grave asking to be cured of their illnesses.
Lalla Chafia’s grave sight is at the top of a mountain overlooking Moulay Yacoub, a small village known for it’s thermal baths that are recommended by Doctors to cure serious medical conditions such as psoriasis and other physical illnesses. It is located 22km’s North- West of Fes. 

The waters are rich in sulfer and minerals. Lalla Chafia as well as he father Moulay Yacoub were known to cure illnesses. Following the bathing ritual, it is common practice to climb the mountain and pray at the foot of Lalla Chafia’s grave asking to be cured. 

Moulay Yacoub wanted to marry his daughter against her will, Lalla Chafia ( the healing Saint) died hopelessly soon after. Her virgin body was brought by angels to the top of the mountain. 
About a million people visit Lalla Chafia and Moulay Yacoub yearly. 

I visited Moulay Yacoub traditional baths last week, and admired Lalla Chafia’s grave from below the mountain. I planed on hiking up the mountain myself but it was too dark after we left the baths. I plan on returning soon before I leave Morocco. 

Elizabeth Chewey 

Facebook: Liz Hanane

Elizabeth Hanane Photo 
We ask Lalla Chafia’s (q) blessing on our project.

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