Lala Kenza

We are very excited to bring you our first lady Waliah from Fez: Lala Kenza (q).

The maqam of Lala Kenza is on the main rise leading up to the zawiya of Mulay Idriss II, the most important sacred site of Fes. This maqam is often ignored and neglected. Goods to be sold are hung from the doors of her tomb.

The second door on the left, when exiting Mulay Idriss, is LalaKenza. There are three legends about her life. One is that she is the mother of Mulay Idriss II. The second is that she was one of the most devoted and trusting students of Mulay Idriss II. The last legend is that she was a shopkeeper who wished to be buried in her shop. In any event, there is a female saint buried here who, at one point, was respected and venerated by the community but was forgotten over time.

This information was translated and contributed to our project by Peter Dziedzic PhD and Fulbright scholar.  

We ask Lala Kenza’s (q) blessings on our project.  

2 thoughts on “Lala Kenza”

  1. Lalla Kenza al Barbariya is the name of Moulay Idris (al Azhar) II’s mother, the wife of Moulay Idris al Akbar who founded the Kingdom of Morocco 12 centuries ago.
    Could she be meant with this lady saint?
    Her husband, Morocco’s unifier, a great saint and preacher and direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad, sallaLlahu alaihi wa sallam, in the 7th generation, was martyred by a killer hired by the Abbasid rulers of Baghdad, and left his wife, the Berber princess Kenza pregnant.


    1. I have discussed your question with Peter Dziedzic (PhD and Fulbright Scholar). He says that the answer is yes it could be that the lady is the mother of Moulay Idris and that is one of the legends about this site. However, there are some historians who say that this would not make sense historically.

      It is our hope that this project leads to further research about this site and other lady saints so that we have more information. Our lady saints in Islam are more hidden and their stories are being lost.

      Please contribute any stories and photos from the sites you visit and let us continue this research together.

      Please ask their blessings on our project.


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