Mawlid 2015

  For Mawlid this year we are using lights as well as ornaments.  I found these stars and the children are so excited to turn them all on each day.  The holiday atmosphere is more pronounced for me this year.





This year I was able to find good cardstock so our birds have more wings and more structure.  These represent the birds that fanned Aminah (r) with their wings and veiled her from the Jinn.


This is the cloud that carried the Prophet (s) around the world.


The fish named Zalmusa that danced in the sea when the Prophet (s) was born.  


Someone suggested that I add elephants for the year of the elephant which I am considering and when Maulid finally comes we will light the green lamps as well to represent the light of Prophet (s).

Maulid Mubarak to you and your family!

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