Lalla Menana (Mulay Bousellham)


The Lalla Menana (q) of Mulay Bousellham is related to the Lala Menana (q) of Asila and the Lala Menana (q) of Laraiche.  

We were told that they were sisters. 

Ladies visit this Maqam for henna and to make dua for healing and other difficulties.

While we were there one lady came to make dua for an illness.  

She is buried with her 2 daughters who wished to be near their mother.


2 thoughts on “Lalla Menana (Mulay Bousellham)”

    1. Thank you. I have submitted your question to our research team. Inshallah I will have more information for you soon. Thank you for your interest and please submit any lady saints to our project that you find. We need photos and some information about their story.

      Please ask the Waliah (r) to bless our project!


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