Masjid of Sira

The purpose of this project is to review the sira of the Prophet (s).

This is a particularly nice project to prepare for Maulid.

Materials: canvas, tempra paint, brushes, watercolour paper, watercolour paint, double facing tape, Light of Muhammad (s) book.

First we prepared a canvas with a mosque composite.  You can choose any style mosque you like.

Then we added an episode from each chapter to the ports on the arcade.

Here are a couple of the episodes:

The year of the elephant:

The sidratul muntaha:

3 thoughts on “Masjid of Sira”

  1. Such a good idea, even the littlest children can participate. Simple enough men could use, hahahaha.

    Love the colors, so beautiful. I often am put off by the jarring reds and harsh drawing of other such art.

    A peaceful and loving addition to a home.

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