Hajiah Amina (Anna)

Today is the eleventh urs of Hajiah Amina (q).

She is a Sufi Saint and her Maqam is in Lefke Cyprus.

She authored a history of the Prophets and a history of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (s) which are still in circulation today:  Lore of Light.

She hosted a dzikr service (chanting) each week to serve the ladies and children of her community.  In this way she taught us that the most important thing we can do to educate our children is to teach them the stories of the Prophets and the Awliah and to bring our children to celebrate Allah (s) and the Prophet (s).

We ask Hajiah Aminah’s (q) blessing on our project. 

2 thoughts on “Hajiah Amina (Anna)”

  1. `alayha rahmatullahi wa barakatuh wa ridwanahu al-akbar. May Allah bless our Mother Amina and grant her ever-higher stations in the Divine Presence.

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