Tree of Prophets 

The purpose of this project is to review the stories of the prophets.  We create an image on a medallion and then place that medallion on the tree.  This is loosely arranged like a family tree.  

This project can also be used like an advent calendar during Ramadan for a countdown to Eid.  The idea is to finish filling the tree before Eid.  

Materials: canvas, gesso, tempra paint, brushes, watercolour paper, watercolour paint

 Canvas with tree.  
Watercolour medallions 

  1. Paint the canvass with gesso (very large brush.)  Make the arch shape over the tree with a pencil once the gesso is dry.
  2. Make the trunk from the bottom centre to the top centre.
  3. Extend the branches left and right.
  4. Fill the spaces with more and more branches and leaves until full and add leaves.
  5. Trace the watercolour paper with a coffee mug to make the round medallions.  
  6. Trace the subject of the medallion. 
  7. Add the watercolour paint to the medallion.
  8. Read the story for the children and have them add the medallion to the tree with double sided tape.  


66 thoughts on “Tree of Prophets ”

    1. That is so exciting Mashallah! Please send us pictures – we would love to see your tree! I give live tutorials on all our projects on Facebook and Instagram if you are interested let me know.


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