Lalla Menana (Mulay Bousellham)


The Lalla Menana (q) of Mulay Bousellham is related to the Lala Menana (q) of Asila and the Lala Menana (q) of Laraiche.  

We were told that they were sisters. 

Ladies visit this Maqam for henna and to make dua for healing and other difficulties.

While we were there one lady came to make dua for an illness.  

She is buried with her 2 daughters who wished to be near their mother.


Tree of Prophets Review


So we have finished our Tree of Prophets project.  

We learned that we may need stronger mounting tape because some of the medallions fell down a few times.

We learned that ideally the medallions would hold up better on cardstock and I am reluctant to laminate the medallions because they will be too reflective to see well.

We learned that we need to mount the canvas a little higher on the wall and that we need a good mounting surface on the wall.  I am considering cork board but it may be too weak to support canvas.

The stories and lessons went very well.  The most interesting thing was how many questions the children had about the Prophets and the stories.  In the end you see how little you know in the face of so many questions!  

I hope to repeat this project in the future and build on what we have learned.  The thing that I would like most of all is a good young adult version of The Lore of Light so that the children could have a little more information when we repeat the project. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or observations if your family tries this project as well! 


Eid ul Adha

These are our Eid decorations for 2015.

We made the Kabba gift boxes with paper and tempra paint.  This was a very messy process so next year I will used pre made black cube boxes and ribbon.


The sheep ornaments are made from foam board and pre made plastic eyes.  Next year I am planning to have felted wool sheep as ornaments if I can get them made.

I would also like to make sheep cookies and plan some activities for the rites of Haj like:  a Safa and Mawa relay race, a tawaf race, a whirling dervish contest (who can whirl the longest), etc.  Please contribute if you have ideas for activities and decorations.

Masjid of Sira

The purpose of this project is to review the sira of the Prophet (s).

This is a particularly nice project to prepare for Maulid.

Materials: canvas, tempra paint, brushes, watercolour paper, watercolour paint, double facing tape, Light of Muhammad (s) book.

First we prepared a canvas with a mosque composite.  You can choose any style mosque you like.

Then we added an episode from each chapter to the ports on the arcade.

Here are a couple of the episodes:

The year of the elephant:

The sidratul muntaha:

The Days of Creation

Creation stories are far more important than we realize.
Creation stories are the beginning, but they determine the middle and the end in ways that we would never anticipate.
And this is why:
Creation stories are the prime directive of any given culture.
Creation stories tell us who we are because creation stories tell us where we come from.
They tell us why we are here.
They tell us where we are going.
There are many similarities between the creation stories of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition.
This is by no means the only version of this story but it is the general content and order suitable for a children’s project.   The episodes are arranged in an accordion book that can also be hung as a banner.

Materials: My Little Lore of Light (book), Watercolour paper, watercolour pencils, watercolour paint, double facing tape
In the Muslim tradition the first thing to be created was light of the Prophet Muhammad (s). This light was placed in a green lamp and hung in the heavens.

The second thing created were the heavens and the stars.

The third things created were the fire and Iblis.

The fourth thing created were the waters of the earth.

The fifth thing created was the land and the animals.

The sixth thing created was the Prophet Adam (a), from water and clay and the breath of Allah (swt).

It is worth noting that this story does bear no small resemblance to the scientific understanding of the unfolding universe and that understanding that resemblance will help your children to integrate their faith with their introduction to the modern sciences.

Please share any ideas that you may have for the days of creation and please ask the Prophet Adam (a) and the Prophet Muhammad (s) to bless our project and increase our understanding of Allah’s (s) creation.

Hajiah Amina (Anna)

Today is the eleventh urs of Hajiah Amina (q).

She is a Sufi Saint and her Maqam is in Lefke Cyprus.

She authored a history of the Prophets and a history of the life of the Prophet Muhammad (s) which are still in circulation today:  Lore of Light.

She hosted a dzikr service (chanting) each week to serve the ladies and children of her community.  In this way she taught us that the most important thing we can do to educate our children is to teach them the stories of the Prophets and the Awliah and to bring our children to celebrate Allah (s) and the Prophet (s).

We ask Hajiah Aminah’s (q) blessing on our project. 


For this celebration we focus on the story of Prophet Muhammad’s (s) birth.

We chose some of the episodes in the story to highlight in a large mobile after reading his story to prepare for this holiday.

  • The birds that fanned Aminah (r) with their wings
  • The fish that danced in the sea with happiness after the birth
  • The cloud that took the Prophet (s) around the world

We also lit green lamps for Maulid to represent the creation of the green lamp or the light of the Prophet (s).

Lalla Rahama 

Her Story:

Lala Rahama was the daughter of a Sufi shaykh and her Maqam now attracts women and young people asking for work or success in school. Ladies who visit the Maquam use Henna and burn candles to ask for health or conceiving a child or finding a husband.

Her Maqam was closed when we visited but  we still got a picture of the hall through the door. 

We were told that her Maqam is open to the public on Maulid.

We ask Lalla Rahama’s (q) blessing on our project. 

Lalla Manana (Asliah)

Lalla Manana is a Waliah that passed away on her wedding night and turned into a dove.  

Her Maqam is known for its healing properties and people with cancer and skin ailments have appealed to her for intercession.  Water is taken from this place and given to the ailing.  


The Maqam is located in the Asilah Morocco madina on the Atlantic coast overlooking the ocean.  

The caretaker unlocked her Maqam and allowed us to visit after visiting another Maqam bellow.  

We ask Lalla Manana’s (q) blessing on our project.

Tree of Prophets 

The purpose of this project is to review the stories of the prophets.  We create an image on a medallion and then place that medallion on the tree.  This is loosely arranged like a family tree.  

This project can also be used like an advent calendar during Ramadan for a countdown to Eid.  The idea is to finish filling the tree before Eid.  

Materials: canvas, gesso, tempra paint, brushes, watercolour paper, watercolour paint

 Canvas with tree.  
Watercolour medallions 

  1. Paint the canvass with gesso (very large brush.)  Make the arch shape over the tree with a pencil once the gesso is dry.
  2. Make the trunk from the bottom centre to the top centre.
  3. Extend the branches left and right.
  4. Fill the spaces with more and more branches and leaves until full and add leaves.
  5. Trace the watercolour paper with a coffee mug to make the round medallions.  
  6. Trace the subject of the medallion. 
  7. Add the watercolour paint to the medallion.
  8. Read the story for the children and have them add the medallion to the tree with double sided tape.